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For those who already own property in the Adelaide, South Australia region, there is no question that the Torrens Junction Project represents a sizable potential benefit to the investment they have already made with their real estate ventures.

While this is true, it is also worth considering the potential benefits of this torrens junction railway project to the developing suburb of Bowden. There are a number of compelling factors within this subject that are worth appreciating, whether or not you own property in this real estate haven.



This 238 million tender is designed to upgrade the rail line separating the Adelaide Outer Harbor passenger line from its freight route. Funded by both the Commonwealth and the state, the main hope for this project is to establish a rail underpass for the passenger line. In doing so, freight carriers should experience reduced congestion, with traffic bottlenecks through Park Terrace and Torrens Road diminishing, as well.

All of this amounts to a considerable investment in both the present and future of the region. An important thing to keep in mind is that this project does not necessarily sweep the long-desired Port Adelaide tram line. The Torrens Junction Project is already taking into account the future likelihood of adding a tram line to the area.

The national rail freight network is expected to see a dramatic boost in productivity, in the aftermath of the project’s completion. Bowden residents will be able to take advantage of the project’s desire to alleviate congestion. This is going to make commuting to the CBD a good deal easier. At the same time, Bowden will be able to combine the inherent benefits of their proximity to the project with the massive commercial and residential endeavours that are currently underway in the area. The real estate in Bowden is already seen as a noteworthy potential investment. The completion of this project can only benefit the future of Bowden as a community on the rise.

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