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Body Corporate Management

At JE White’s, we have been helping our clients manage and maintain their properties for over 25 years’. Our Body Corporate Managers are experienced in residential, industrial, and commercial body corporate management Adelaide, and are determined to provide the greatest service to their clients and to give them complete peace of mind.

What JE Whites Body Corporate Management Offers Our Clients:


JE White’s have been helping our clients manage and maintain their properties for over 25 years’. We have an extensive network of qualified contractors and tradespeople on call to help keep your Corporation in excellent condition, and functioning properly.

The contractors we employ have been given the work based on merit and the high degree of service they have provided our clients in the past. JE White’s have never, and will never receive a percentage of the value of work being carried out on your property.

We take care of everything, from coordinating contractors, to arranging specifications, quotes, and work orders as requested by the Body Corporate.


JE White’s prides itself on ensuring owner’s corporations comply with the relevant legislation that influence the body corporate. Our management specialists are on hand to provide you with timely advice on the relevant legislation, ensuring any decisions made by the body corporation comply with your legal obligations.

Similarly, our qualified team can assist in the writing and rewriting of Corporation By-Laws, and Resolutions, ensuring any and all alterations made to the common property are in accordance with the parameters determined by the owner’s corporation.


Clients of JE White’s enjoy the benefits of a dedicated, in-house insurance department. Our insurance specialists work alongside your Body Corporate Manager to help find the best value-for-money cover for your Corporation, as well as assisting in the preparation, lodgement, and handling of all insurance claims for our Strata Management clients, whenever they may arise.


JE White’s provide comprehensive accounting, and financial management policies to comply with the Act. Included in our service are:

Financial Statements – JE White’s prepares financial accounts in accordance with Australian accounting standards. The annual balance sheet, and income and expenditure statements are available for each owner’s review at the Annual General Meeting

Levies – JE White’s prepares levy statements on behalf of the owner’s corporation, issuing them to lot owners to pay directly into the Corporation’s Trust Account

Debt Control – JE White’s will monitor debtors for all corporations, and has a proven track record in reducing levy debts

Annual Tax Returns & Cash Management Report – JE White’s coordinate the annual tax returns for the owners corporation, and can provide annual cash management reports, and accrual budgets


JE White’s administration staff work hand in hand with our management team to ensure your Body Corporation is operating as efficiently as possible. From providing timely correspondence with owners in the day to day operation of the Corporation, to organising and maintaining files, as well as preparing the minutes of meetings, our administrative staff are ready to assist our clients in any way.


We remove the burden of the complex strata process, by tailoring support to your needs. By working together in the early planning stages of your project, we can prevent any potential issues during construction – when time is money.

We’re passionate about supporting you through the many stages involved in a new strata or community development. If you’re planning a development, contact us now. With us on your team, expect a seamless build transition.

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