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We exist to help you build without issues, avoid costly mistakes and harmonise communities.

In 2004, Bryan Sutcliffe took over JE White’s. Already heavily involved in Strata, Bryan’s fresh perspective helped bring a new approach to a timeless service.

18 years on, JE White’s has grown to become one of Adelaide’s most recognised Body Corporate specialist companies.

It’s a field that’s now served by real estate agencies, but through this evolution, we’ve stayed true to our strata-first roots.

Now a team of 13, our Strata, Body Corporate and Property Managers give home owners the support you can expect from a boutique firm – with the knowledge of three decades of experience.

Our long heritage has given us rich insights into resale values, happy residents and thriving communities. We’re not just Body Corporate specialists.

We’re conflict diffusers, community activators and peacemakers.

Accountable to regulatory bodies.

JE White’s is a proud member of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) and Strata Community Australia. As such, we abide by a strict code of ethical behaviour.

But don’t just take our word for it.

According to Peter Borecki, “JE White’s has been, by orders of magnitude, the most proactive, helpful, and practical.”

Lynn Osborne said after considering several companies to manage their Corporation, “JE White’s act, and have always, without prejudice… working with us to resolve any issues that have arisen.”

And Grant Bolton adds: “since starting with JE White’s, they’ve addressed several matters I have raised involving our Corporation. I’m impressed with their professionalism, promptness, and knowledge in handling issues.”

You, too, deserve Body Corporate Management specialists who care about your property.

Hear it from our clients

Our responsibility and attention to the customer have never been so effective.
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