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The Green Star for Homes Standard

  The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is currently developing a standard of building that will change the house building industry here in Australia.  Making new homes built adhere to a set of guidelines that will make the new homes being built more ‘green’ and helping to reduce carbon emissions while making the homes […]

Moving in to Strata

If you have just moved into a strata titled property, it can be quite daunting not knowing these people you see quite often.  It makes sense for you to try and be a part of the community, here’s a few hints and tips that will see you making lifelong friends and being a part of […]

Signs of Foundation Issues

If you’re looking to buy a new property either for investing or living in, one of the most costly and at times irreparable issues is anything to do with the foundation.  The base on which your house is built – it’s almost impossible to get to and if it’s mid house, near impossible to repair.  […]

Renovating under Strata, What you need to know.

In South Australia, you are able to make any improvements on the inside of your property provided it doesn’t impinge on any load bearing walls or change any of the structure facing out in to the common property such as windows and front doors. BUT… If you are looking at making a few improvements to […]

Building on the Cheap

If you’re looking to build your own home, you’re probably looking at making it as cheap as possible without cutting corners and there are a few ways to do so depending on how far you want to go and how cheap you are willing to make it.  Using cheaper materials and products isn’t the best […]