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Insurance obligations for Strata & Community Titles

If you have purchased a Strata or Community Titled Property, there are certain legal obligations that the Corporation must adhere to when it comes to insurance. In a Strata Titled Property, the Strata Titles Act imposes a duty on the Corporation to insure all building and building improvements for their full replacement value, and to […]

Owning Pets in Body Corporate

  According to the South Australian Strata Titles Act, no animals must be kept within or in the vicinity of your property without first getting the approval of the Body Corporate.  In the Community Titles Act there is no law preventing you from keeping a pet on your property unless otherwise stated in the by-laws […]

Moving in to Strata

If you have just moved into a strata titled property, it can be quite daunting not knowing these people you see quite often.  It makes sense for you to try and be a part of the community, here’s a few hints and tips that will see you making lifelong friends and being a part of […]

What does a strata manager do?

A simple question but the answer is slightly more confusing. If you’re not in a strata or a manager yourself, you might not have any idea because for the most part it’s a very niche and specific job. The short answer is that a strata manager is hired by the Body Corporation to keep things […]

Renovating under Strata, What you need to know.

In South Australia, you are able to make any improvements on the inside of your property provided it doesn’t impinge on any load bearing walls or change any of the structure facing out in to the common property such as windows and front doors. BUT… If you are looking at making a few improvements to […]

Australasian Strata Insights

Since 2018 SCA (Strata Communities Australia) has, in conjunction with UNSW City Futures Department released a document called the Australasian Strata Insights which provides an in depth look at strata living in Australia.   We’ll only be looking at South Australia and Australia as a whole as there’s a lot of data on offer and […]

The Different Roles in a Management Committee

There are always questions regarding the different roles, and how they’re delegated regarding the management committee presiding over a strata corporation, so we thought we would describe and explain them in more detail. The role of the Presiding Officer It is a statutory obligation of the Body Corporation to elect one lot owner for the […]

What is Common Property?

Photo by George Becker from Pexels   Adelaide’s rapidly developing property market is resulting in a greater amount of Body Corporations throughout the greater metropolitan area. As more and more people buy into body corporates, new owners seek clarity on what exactly is involved in the ownership of a strata or community property. The matter of “common property” […]

An Interview with the Boss

If JE Whites are your Body Corporate Management provider then you’ve probably come across Bryan Sutcliffe, the proprietor of the business. He makes it his mission to meet with each and every one of his clients. I had a chance to sit down with him and get to learn some more about him and JE […]