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The Building Commissioner


The housing boom in Australia has been long and rewarding for many, when the government decided to offer kickbacks to developers to build up to help control urban sprawl, developers jumped on the chance and began to build high-rise apartments around Sydney and Melbourne.  Which has been great for the developers, but has also raised a few new issues.

With the Mascot towers incident in Sydney the government appointed David Chandler (who built Parliament House in Canberra during the 80s), as Australia’s first Building Commissioner, he and his office will be overseeing all major construction in Sydney and the other states will soon hopefully follow suit and build their own commission.  Working with all major bodies to refine, re-define and repair the systems that have let people down in the past, we will see a lot of industry reform and that will bring peace of mind to the buyers of apartment property in the future.

There are a lot of developers out there that are doing the right thing and doing it to the letter.  The industry has been geared towards the developer and not the people living in the properties once the building is complete, which has raised some concerns.

With the employment of a Building Commissioner every building that is being built from here on out will have to adhere to the standards and procedures put forth by the office of the commissioner and if people aren’t doing the right thing, the Commissioner has the power to cease construction, order repairs, or even demolish should the conditions of a safe living environment not be met.  It’s a small but enormous step towards buyers having peace of mind when buying in a high-rise apartment building.

In South Australia as the demand for high-rise apartments becomes more and more prevalent, the work that the NSW building commission has been putting in will definitely help the SA development sector along the way. It’s definitely an exciting time to be in the market for an apartment.

You can head over the the Building Commissioners website and have a look for yourself.

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