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What does a strata manager do?

A simple question but the answer is slightly more confusing. If you’re not in a strata or a manager yourself, you might not have any idea because for the most part it’s a very niche and specific job.

The short answer is that a strata manager is hired by the Body Corporation to keep things running smoothly.

What does that entail? I hear you ask, well, let me tell you.



The admin of all of the different facets is probably the most important parts it helps everything run smoothly.

Which includes:

A strata manager will control all of the correspondence regarding the building itself which includes any queries or requests from the owners and Property managers and any questions from prospective buyers.

They will manage the common property, including repairs, maintenance and upkeep of all common areas of the Corporation.

Strata managers communicate with all of the owners and Property managers regarding meetings, changes to by-laws or articles, any maintenance or repair concerns that will affect one or more unit/s and the levies applied to the repairs or maintenance of the building.

Insurance is also something a strata manager will handle including the lodging of claims, and following up the progress of claims.

With all of the paperwork required to manage a strata/community Corporation, a manager will also archive, maintain and keep records of all information relevant to the Corporation. Including, but not limited to, maintenance history, Corporation plans and Resolutions, and relevant correspondence so that if an issue arises there is ample records to help them to do their jobs better.



Most strata managers will also handle most, if not all of the finances for a building.


Preparing budgets which would then go on to the Body Corporate for approval which could contain any major works that will need to be done to the building, a rundown of the monies spent throughout the year and the money to be spent in the coming year.

Monitoring and controlling invoices for insurance, call outs for repairs, owners’ levies, and insuring that all accounts are paid on time and all money coming in is received on time.

Monitoring all insurance policies and keeping them up to date and paid, and changing policies should the need arise.


Social Concerns

Strata managers also play a part in maintaining relationships between owners, and tenants and controlling the environment to maintain a certain level of lifestyle for the people living in the building.


Enforcing the rules surrounding the common property and making sure all the owners know and are aware of what they are.

Mediating any disputes that may arise between owners.

Enforcement of any and all laws that pertain to the Corporation and the people living in the Corporation.

Amendment of the by-laws should they need to be, for the betterment of the owners or if they have been instructed to by the body corporate should a decision be ratified at a meeting.

Organising any informational events, social occasions, and listen to the residents about what they would like to see happen to their place of residence in the future.


Strata management is a multi-faceted job and one that is changing all of the time. Strata management will continue to evolve over time as the need of residents’ changes. Buildings get older, technology improves and when the government changes the laws within the strata management acts, it’s an ever evolving industry and one that requires specialists to handle.

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